Consultancy, development, projection, construction, production, supply, assembly, service.

Production part, tool grinder and sharpener plus industrial units.

  1. Construction and fabrication
    We offer complete services in the field of welding (electrical, CO, TIG), building hardware (fences, railings, building openings, doors and gates, grilles, stair), construction and mechanical welded structures (roofs, skylights, frames for storage of machinery, conveyors ), storage and logistics elements (racks, shelving, carts).
  2. Machining, CNC and conventional machining
    In machining, we offer CNC and conventional milling, turning and planar and spherical grinding of all metals and plastics.
  3. Metal sheet fabrication and installation work
    In the field of plumbing, we offer sheet metal processing products (pipes aodtahy, flashing design, construction plumbing) cutting, precision bending, riveting and spot welding. We also offer complete installation services throughout the country, respectively. and abroad.
  4. Heat and aestetic surface treatments
    To all the above activities, we offer services in the field of heat (hardening, nitriding, heat treatment, hard chrome, ...) and aesthetic (painting, painting, powder coating, hot-dip galvanizing, electroplating, ..) surface finishes.

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